The Seven Campaign would like to encourage you to read our resources and visit the links provided to equip yourself and your children to stay safe. You can help stop and prevent child abuse by knowing what signs to look for, keeping yourself under control, knowing what to do when you suspect child abuse, and by taking action against those who harm our children.

Forms of Child Abuse

Child abuse can take different forms and all of them should be reported.

  • Physical abuse involves hitting, kicking, shaking, burning, or throwing.
  • Sexual abuse involves taking advantage of children in a sexual manner and using them for pornographic purposes or prostitution.
  • Neglect involves the inadequate provision of basic needs like the lack of food, shelter, clothing, or supervision.
  • Psychological abuse can take many forms in itself. It involves verbal abuse, rejection, lack of support or love, isolation, or belittlement.
  • Bullying can be verbal, physical, or emotional and is usually done by a child’s peers.


Offenders can be anyone and is most often people close to the child. Despite popular belief, they can be male or female. Many abuse cases have found the family or extended family to be the offenders. Child abusers have often turned out to be people that the child and parents trusted. Offenders can be anyone from the school, church, community center, day-care center, or sports club.


Child abuse not only affects the child, but also the community. Children who are abused tend to suffer from physical, emotional, and psychological problems all through their lives. The impact of child abuse on a child’s mind is huge and such a child needs help to recover.


For more information visit the links below.

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